Sour Days

by Scumbags

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Our first album ever. Enjoy!

Produced by Matheus Areas and SCUMBAGS. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matheus Areas at Rota 66 Music Estudio, Joinville-SC. Artwork by Carlos Vieira and Ticiano Vieira. Words by Chris except "Armpit Club", "Short Guy, Big Mouth" and " Garage Boy" by José. All music by SCUMBAGS.

Scumbags are;
José Farias - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Oliveira - Vocals Drums
Jorge Siementkowski - Bass

Stormy Records 2019


released May 31, 2019

This album goes to everyone who helped us in some way, our family, friends and our enemies.


all rights reserved



Scumbags SC, Brazil

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Track Name: On The K Street
It’s Just another day right here on the K street
A day between the boxes and all the pretty girls
So the K street should be a good place to be
But day by day this place, makes me so f**king sick

There is no daylight
Through the streets I would like to fly
I miss my girl and this keeps me in pain
Oh I can’t see the rain

Now I’m all alone right here on the K street
My job is getting harder and the clock’s laughing at me
And I just can’t get the hell outta here
You know, between these boxes is a different kind of world

It’s just another day
It’s just a boring day
It’s always the same day
It’s just another day right here on the k street
Track Name: The Kids Aren't the Same
Hanging around the corners of the streets
Looking for trouble
A Rancid shirt, a bottle of beer and confidence
The kind of confidence that
Comes plasticized
All my anger is now directed at having fun

Everywhere I go I can’t find what I want
A place to go and
pretend my life’s alright
With people who really understand my feelings
And don’t give a damn

Kids are tired of punk rock shows
And don’t want to walk among
Drunken b*tches, junkie punks
Everyone in the underground
Now kids wanna go to pubs
Looking like Irish folks
15 bucks ½ a pint
What the f**k? It’s not for me.

Suburban home, I’m like a rat
Running the alleyways
Like Milo Auckerman once said, I’m not a loser
But the truth is that I was
Born to be
All my anger is now directed to make me scream
Track Name: Misery
Come along and tell me that I’m really wrong about it
That you have something and I really never got it
Don’t think I’m allowed to do what you really deserve
I don’t give a f**k about it.
Based on your shitty life it’s easy to realize
Money is a contagious thing and you can’t live without it
You want to take advantage and I like to see you trying
I don’t give a f**k about it

She told me that it’s ok
But like my mind she wasn’t sure
It’s been so hard to understand
I sit and think I’m so impure

So you think you can buy everything with plastic cards
But there are a lot of things that you’ll never get
Money is just a piece of paper people give its value
I don’t give a f**k about it… I should really care about it…
Track Name: Garage Boy
Sleeping in the park
He never realized that his
Life was meant to be
Something bigger

Empty conversations
Fake smiles on his face
What is he thinking?
Has he got any friends?

We all thought that rock n roll was meant to save our lives
But this time it didn't and we don’t know why

Private problems
Pride too big to swallow
Father is a Jerk
But is he the issue?
Track Name: You Are Not Allowed
You Are Not Allowed to suffer aloud
You Are Not Allowed to express your pain
You Are Not Allowed keep your head down
You Are Not Allowed fail us again

Get up, big boy, swallow your pride
‘cause you’re not allowed

You Are Not Allowed to report abuses
You Are Not Allowed to look for excuses
You Are Not Allowed to complain you’re mad
You Are Not Allowed to say you feel bad

So if you think it’s okay for you
I’ll pull the trigger let it go
Can I say it one more time?
I’ll pull the trigger let it go
Track Name: Warm Liquor
Let’s have some drinks
We don’t wanna stay home with our parent
We don’t wanna do anything we’re pushed to
We just want to get away
We just want some
Warm Liquor
Track Name: Short Guy Big Mouth
Annoyed the sh*t out of me
I’m sick of stupidity
Don’t think I want to play this show anymore

I need more people to come see me
Play this sh*t every month
I feel bad for my friends and family

I don’t want to
He’s insisting
I don’t want to
Play this sh*t anymore
find somebody else to bore
Track Name: Armpit Club
How many times will I have to say?
And how many notes do I gotta play?
How many verses will I have to sing?
I’m sorry man but I don’t feel the same..

How much time did I waste today?
Doing some sh*t that didn’t really matter anyway
How many letters does it take to say?
That I don’t like the way you act or think!

Well I don’t think that I fit anymore
I’m gonna just ignore it and I’m gonna say
I’m glad I left and I hope I don’t see you today!
Track Name: Dreadlocks in the Alley - LIVE
Aliens really f**king exist
Odi told me at one of these
Nights that really crack your mind
Grams of coke, ideas so clear
His eyes were growing sincere
Conversations from the underground

Now I wonder “where have you been?”
If you are dead or still alive
We all miss your dreads around
If I said this you wouldn’t believe, but
Things are such boring sh*t
Kids are trying to be right

Odi tell me that the night’s not over
And we still are gonna have our fun
With the shadows of the 10th world

And I hope I never forget
The way you taught me how to live
With no money to get high
Eat some trash and go to a bar
Where you will find some beer and blow
Punk Rock was really alive

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